Version 1.0.0-0



Objective-C wrapper for Uniform Type Identifiers (UTIs)


This project consists of an Objective-C wrapper for all the UTI functions available from the LaunchServices framework.

The goal is to provide an object-oriented approach to the Uniform Type Identifier system, using Objective-C (Foundation) data types, rather than CoreFoundation types, which may be painful to use, especially with ARC.


The following targets are available:

  • OS X static library (.a).
  • OS X dynamic library (.dylib).
  • OS X framework (.framework).
  • iOS static library (.a).

All targets are available for both ARC and MRC (see below).

Supported platforms

  • OS X deployment target: OS X 10.6 (ARC - see below), OS X 10.4 (MRC - see below)
  • iOS architectures: x86_64, i386 (non-ARC - see below)
  • iOS deployment target: iOS 6.0
  • iOS architectures: armv7, armv7s, arm64

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) Note

All project's targets comes in two flavors.
One using ARC - Automatic Reference Counting, the other using Manual Reference Counting (MRC).

If you're targeting only 64-bits platforms and/or 10.7 deployment targets, you're advised to use the ARC targets.
Otherwise, if targeting 32-bits platforms and/or deployment targets lower than 10.7, MRC targets are available.


The project is released under the terms of the MIT License.